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About Me

Charlotte here. I spend most of my time working within academic research, on the intersection of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience. 
I wish to pursue a PhD in Neuroaesthetics/cinematics, Experimental Philosophy and related fields.

Outside academia, I enjoy music, cinema and fiction. Professional image aside, this site is equally an archive of my creative noises. 

I currently reside in London, UK, in my humble Hackney Victorian flat. 

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Personal Life

the story of my life; which i share rarely. 

I grew up in the city of Shenzhen in Southern China and moved to England when I was 15 years of age. 

My family was traditional culturally. My mother was a surgeon, then an HR, and my father remained in peacetime army up till this day. Though Western values are alien to them, both my parents adopted my education as their utmost priority. They grew up during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, devoid of opportunities to attend higher education. Neither of them spoke a single phrase of English. 

Nobody in my family knew what higher education is like, not to say the realities of academic research. Not until the pandemic did I find out that I was a first-gen university student; it was rarely spoken about during my upbringing. 

Shock and confusion engulfed my devotion to pursue a PhD initially. With time that mutual decision of support emerged from my mother and father. I'd like to dedicate this site to them and the enormous amount of care and understanding they have provided me, unconditionally, with love, the pure parental instinct for their only child to flourish. 

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Personal Life


As a child I was sent to pageants, school dances, and rhythmic gymnastics competitions. 

Little did anyone know the love for knowledge brewed and matured. Was it intuited? Partially so. I can only vaguely reminisce, but there was a sense of  inexorable excitement whilst our family discussed topical news and cold war history at the dinner table. I bargained to watch dinosaur documentaries on CCTV channel 10 whenever school finishes. I would sit in front of the TV for hours, munching a secret pack of sweets. Treats were rare, and only after piano lesson finished I could stealthily detour to a corner shop and pocket a tiny pouch. 

I yearned to visit the Natural History Museum for years. England, at that point was the land of new and unknown. I did dream. 

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Get in Touch

I'd appreciate any feedback on my website and writings. 

For employers in both academia and industry: please get in touch if you find my profile suitable for your position. 

For all other related queries, I'm equally happy to answer any question for enthused readers. 

I aim to reply within 1-2 working days. 

Thanks for submitting!

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